Starting any new activity is challenging, and it always becomes even more twisted talking about technologies. Thus, many beginners struggle with creating their own website as they don’t know where to start and what to do. Sometimes you can’t tell what exactly do you need – but without doubts, any site requires hosting.

eWeb is a team of professionals who are always happy to help you both with the pain of learning what types of hosting solutions are available on the market and choosing the one that fits your requirements perfectly. Stay tuned with eWeb to discover all the nuances of selecting an appropriate hosting provider!

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If you had already done some research on the topic of the hosting providers, you probably would notice that there are numerous hosting provider companies in India. Reading their descriptions, you don’t figure out which one you need, but rather get even more twisted: the options are either difficult to understand, or are the same within all the companies. It all gets much easier with our guides.

Everything you need can be found in the menu bar above. If you are looking for an affordable and simple package for a personal blog or small business – check out our “Shared Hostings” section. Whether you need something more sophisticated, then our VPS hostings will suit your needs greatly.

You can also sort out our lists of providers by the most popular features: whether you are interested in a certain type o hosting, for example, blog or ecommerce, this opportunity will be a huge plus. We also have a top-rating of cPanel hosting options.

Running this project, we hope to ease the struggle of searching for the most convenient service for each of our users. It is always better to read the thoughtful reviews and check out NZ Eweb ratings that just believe the claims on the website of the provider.

Why us?

Our professionals work in the sphere of hosting services for many years, spending hours to provide our clients with the best offers on the market daily. We know what we are talking about, and we are providing our own researches trying each of the reviewed packages ourselves. This brings us the confidence that we are sharing only the products of the highest quality possible. Let’s talk about how exactly New Zealand do ratings. Stay tuned!

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Rating hosting solutions is a responsible task, and we do our best to make our feedback and ratings as objective as possible. Our main goal is to discover whether the promises of the company correlate with the real results of their work. Attention to the details is crucial in this case, as, for example, even if promised 99.9% of uptime turn out to be 99.8%, this will lead to hours of inaccessibility of your site.

Thus, we keep a watchful eye on each of the indicators noted by the provider. We have a specific list of criteria we follow when rating a site. Here is our simplified scheme:

  1. Choosing a popular service (we are using customers’ feedback)
  2. Starting new blank websites to test all the features
  3. Signing up for a hosting package (at least one plan for each provider, but usually we test several ones)
  4. Measuring uptime and page load using specific tools for analysis
  5. Writing reviews with results, making ratings.

Technical analysis makes a great part of our work, but there are even more nuances. There are many options that have to be checked differently. Such features include customer support (are they really available 24/7?), website builders availability, control panel, and bandwidth. All these aspects play a crucial role in usage, so we carefully review each of them.

Without a doubt, we can’t rely on outdated information about the providers: some of them improve their work, and some face decreases in service quality. That’s why we update reviews and ratings regularly, making sure that our clients are supplied with the freshest data.

Our team researches the field of web hosting providers for more than a decade already – that’s why we are sure that you can find exactly what you need with our experienced and professional help.

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Our team includes five specialists, each of whom obtains different aspects of work. We parallelly work with different projects, but eWeb is our main priority and a favorite one. We need to test the websites for our other projects, so why don’t we just combine this with helping people looking for an appropriate host? That’s how we came to the idea of starting this service.

We share the same principle: never do anything to others that you wouldn’t want to happen to you. Thus, our top-5 providers are exactly those we use ourselves. Our good reputation is another priority, so we won’t make a good review just for money. Our mission is to promote only the best hosts, and we do this with the highest responsibility.


eWeb is a non-profit project dedicated to informing our customers about the best web hosting opportunities. Our site includes everything you need to know about hosting providers: informational articles, ratings, and detailed reviews. Our materials will be useful for each and every: form the newbies creating their very first website, to the developing experts.